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Santa Laurensia Primary School was established with the vision of leading students to become independent adults who act with integrity, competency, and faith. These three keywords are crucial to our mission and its application in day-to-day school activities. These three concepts are interdependent, yet each plays a significant role in transforming our students into adults of conscience, capability, and centeredness on principles. This intertwined development itself is a learning process, one that requires children to experience the positive and negative consequences of behavioral choices. In elementary school, we offer a loving and nurturing environment where children can explore causal relationships and begin to become the people they are intended to be.

As a pioneer of holistic-based education in Indonesia, Santa Laurensia Primary School believes that learning involves two components: discovery and exploration. Through discovery, children craft their senses and cognition to communicate, to show empathy, to think critically, and to build confidence. On the other hand, through exploration, children learn to be open-minded, pro-active, reflective, enthusiastic, and responsible. These two components are equally important in child development, and teachers are keen to provide platforms where children can explore and discover. Learning in such a way imparts knowledge and wisdom, the ingredients of the three keywords above.

The curriculum at Santa Laurensia Primary School is carefully designed to address the needs of the individual child as well as the demands of an ever-increasing global technology that they will face as adults. In truth, there is no way to predict the content or quality of future challenges or opportunities, as evident by our own situation today. The best way to prepare children for these unforeseeable situations is to equip them with an ability to think critically, ask probing questions, and evaluate current trends as they present themselves. This set of skills will transfer into life-learning skills that will enable the adults of tomorrow to face the milieu of their day. The best preparation for this is in adaptability – Elementary School lays down the foundation for this groundwork.

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