Senior High School


At the Senior High level, Santa Laurensia bases its uniquely comprehensive curriculum on a holistic and integrated approach to education to better prepare our students for success in tertiary academic careers. The methodology implements intensive remedial and experiential learning objectives for selective courses. For example, students are being prepared for TOEFL, IELTS using EDXCEL International programs. Teachers use various methodologies to develop academic praxis for students to explore, realizing that the learning styles of students vary tremendously.

We address the various learning styles and competencies of our students by using various media of instruction. For example, using various medium of instruction, students explore scientific research as well as implantation of critical thinking routines such as Harvard’s Project Zero. Also, non-traditional courses, such as those in the arts and sport-related activities, provide students with alternative ways of accessing information. In these ways, the teachers of Santa Laurensia strive to reach each student, delivering challenging and meaningful lessons that address the various intelligences and learning styles of students and forging the leaders of tomorrow.

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