About Research and Development

Educatio puerilis renovatio mundi est.

“Education of the young transforms the world.”

A School with Joyful Learning Experience in Global Holistic Education.

A Global Education for a Global Future

Santa Laurensia, a progressive Roman Catholic school located in lush Alam Sutera, provides primary and secondary experiential education for children. Since its establishment in 1994, its goal has been to impart an intrinsic reverence for life and a passion for learning in a bilingual environment. Santa Laurensia’s approach to learning is holistic in that it addresses the body, mind and spirit of our students in ways that are developmentally appropriate.

Santa Laurensia’s learning conducive environment is supported by a team of professional teachers from abroad and from Indonesia. This broad base of experience enables teachers to instill a sense of appreciation for cultures both near and far, thereby introducing students to a keen domestic consciousness as well as a global awareness of issues of importance throughout the world. In addition to its challenging yet supportive academic program, the teachers of Santa Laurensia also provide students with examples of healthy, purposeful living, driven by a desire to empower students with the ability to navigate the global and intercultural decisions of future generations.

To conclude, by emphasizing lifelong learning and personal character growth, Santa Laurensia’s commitment to excellence is transforming the world one student at a time.



Santa Laurensia Research and Development Department (LITBANG) is comprised of educators and administrators who have vast expertise and experience in the field of education curriculum and extra-curricular development. It is composed of the different academic department heads and activities coordinator.

Research and Development’s overarching goal is to develop a school environment that is both conducive to learning for students as well as for teachers. Fundamental to R&D is its concern for student achievement and teachers’ professional development. To accomplish this, R&D researches, develops, and implements the most effective curriculum and teaching methodologies available. Teaching experts deliver teacher training to Santa Laurensia’s staff as a means to create the desired classroom ethos and effectiveness. R&D also reviews teacher effectiveness and implements changes as necessary to guarantee a successful curriculum and staff.