Our early childhood program is guided by an open-ended curriculum that allows every child to progress at their own pace. The curriculum offers children the freedom to explore whatever they want to learn and master, whether it is practical skills, mathematics, language, science, art, writing, music, cultural studies, geography, and gross and fine motor skills. We believe that learning takes place through the senses, and exploration is essential.

Our curriculum is carefully structured and integrated to demonstrate the connections among the different subject areas. Children learn through hands-on experience, investigation and exploration. They become actively engaged in learning, free to work in groups or on their own. They may sit at a table or move about the room.

The teacher sets a tone of kindness, compassion, mutual respect, and peace so that children can explore their world on their own terms. As educators, we begin with a deep respect for each child as a unique individual with boundless potential.  We nurture the full development of the individual, giving each child the tools and resilience to respond to an ever-changing world. Teachers serve as facilitators to aid in the process of “learning to learn” as a life-long skill.

By encouraging the children to become expressive, independent thinkers, they acquire an early footing in academic and social discourse that supports them throughout their academic careers and lives in general. In short, our preschool and kindergarten program prepares our children for “education for life.”

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