Junior High School


Building on the foundations provided in Elementary School, the curriculum for the Junior High level focuses on students’ critical analysis and creative thinking. Students begin to engage in higher reasoning both in the Sciences as well as the Arts.  In addition, students are encouraged to explore and develop moral character and faith. Both academic and personal objectives are accomplished through a holistic and integrated approach to education by framing various skills and moral issues that scaffold one other. Teachers accomplish this by using bahasa Indonesia and English as the languages of instruction and communication, thereby instilling a bilingual competency and cultural awareness in students.

Santa Laurensia’s teaching method in the Junior High section also implements experiential and experimental programs such as EdmodoGlobal Scholars and Out of Eden – Harvard’s Project Zero  This approach allows the students to focus more tightly on classroom presentations. Students also have the opportunity to explore and develop talents and interests by engaging in extra-curricular activities, such as sports, music, and other arts. With the aim of building students’ competencies and character, Santa Laurensia is dedicated to developing students’ discipline and integrity that pave the way toward personal morality, social civility, and duty to others.

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