Motto, Vision and Mission

Educatio Puerilis Renovatio Mundi Est
(Education of the Young Transforms the World)
The academic development and character formation at Santa Laurensia School equips our students to be mature, competent, and contributing members of the greater community whose character is shaped by integrity and faith. Our students are ready to face life’s challenges and are eager to spread positive influence throughout their lives. They are considered agents of positive change in a transforming world.



  • To provide a holistic education system with a global perspective;
  • To establish a school community that develops good character and the ability to interact socially in appropriate ways.
  • To create a progressive and innovative learning environment;
  • To practice faith, hope, and love in daily life;
  • To create professional and conductive working atmosphere for educators and staff;
  • To encourage all members of the school community to recognize and optimize their potential and thereby contribute to a better local, national and global society.