Message From Chairwoman

Dear Parents,

We would be delighted to welcome your child to Santa Laurensia School. Here at Santa Laurensia, we believe that young people hold the promise for a brighter future. To guarantee a future that is overseen by capable, competent, and morally focused leaders, we make sure all our students receive a first-class education that will enable them to function in a complex, interconnected, and globalized world. Our human and physical resources are designed to maximize our students’ potential and ready them for this onerous task. Although Santa Laurensia follows the Roman Catholic tradition, we welcome pupils of all faiths and spiritual streams in the belief that we share universal ideals and morals.

To assure this outcome, we have crafted a faculty, staff, and physical surroundings to facilitate student learning and discovery. We encourage students to discover and understand their world in academically sound and morally consistent ways. In addition to providing world-class, cutting-edge curriculum and methodologies in teaching, we challenge our students to develop personal character, achieve academic excellence, and integrate socially with their peers and general community.

Santa Laurensia School combines the Indonesian National Curriculum, the American Common Core Curriculum, and the Singaporean Curriculum to offer best practice lesson content and deliver to your child. In doing so, we support regional and national excellence with international standards to provide the most comprehensive curriculum and methodologies available. Our teachers are trained by seasoned experts in the field of curriculum development and implementation, and teachers are required to apply 21st Century educational approaches in lesson plans and delivery.  In addition to our integrated curriculum, the School offers a trilingual learning environment in bahasa Indonesia, English and Mandarin. Students graduating from Santa Laurensia School are well equipped for local, regional, and international tertiary education, where the global community will forge their character development, academic skills, and social integration.

We invite students and their parents to visit our School. We hope that you will choose Santa Laurensia as the avenue for your child’s discovery and development.


Sincerely yours,

Dra. Mariana Setiadarma