Music Room - Santa Laurensia

Music Room

Music Rooms

  • Kindergarten Music Room is a wonderful space that offers young children the opportunity to explore small musical instruments, such as angklung, Alive, mini guitar,and recorder. In addition to learning basic music skills in harmony and melody, children develop motor skills by responding to the rhythmic aspects of music.

  • Elementary Music Room is similar to the Kindergarten Music Room in that children also explore small musical instruments while developing motor skills and music appreciation.

  • Band Room is reserved for Junior High, and Senior High. Here, students explore interests in more developed musical skills in bass guitar, guitar, organ, and drums, which are more in keeping with their age group.

  • Choir Roomserves as a meeting room for choral singing instruction and practice for Elementary, Junior High, Senior High students. In the recent past, students have practiced for (and won) several national and international championships.