Logo - Santa Laurensia




Eagle Bird

The flying Eagle symbolizes the world traveler who is courageous and strong while persevering in achieving one’s goals. This symbol embodies the character of our students, who are both independently driven yet globally concerned as well as people of integrity, competency, and faith.

Cross-Shaped Star

This symbol has two essential parts that reflect the moral character of our students. First, the cross symbolizes the struggle and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to save mankind from sin. It also symbolizes the victory over self-centeredness, which is not in harmony with the will of God. As a Roman Catholic school, Santa Laurensia School advances a reverence and acceptance of the redemption of Jesus Christ by building foundational character traits that align with integrity, competence, and faith. Students act upon these foundational principles in service to others. Next, the star symbolizes the Holy Spirit - God’s guiding force that strengthens our students to act wisely and directly with integrity.


The Roman letters (1994) show that Santa Laurensia School was established in 1994.


Educatio puerilis renovatio mundi est. (“The education of the youngtransforms the world.”)

Santa Laurensia School educates students to develop as whole persons who are motivated to make a positive, innovative contribution to regional, national, and international communities. Teachers and staff of Santa Laurensia School approach our students with the following ideas in mind:

  1. Student-Centeredness. Teaching is centered on the interest and abilities of students so that they develop fully. Teachers provide a meaningful educational platform where students can explore their world on their terms.

  2. Respect for the Individual. Teachers interact with students respectfully and with care as unique individuals with unlimited potential.

  3. Teachers as Motivators. Teachers choose topics that are both interesting to students as well as age-appropriate for them, thereby encouraging them to excel in personally relevant ways.

  4. Teachers and Staff are Fair-Minded. Teachers and Staff at Santa Laurensia School do their level best to find amicable ways of resolving student conflicts both in and out of class. In interacting with students, we show love and encouragement to students.  We also treat students equally, without racial, religious, or social bias.

  5. Teaching Based on Life-Long Learning. Teachers create unit plans that initially consider long-term learning objectives, asking questions such as, “What do I want these students to remember about this topic 30 years from now?” Next, they determine what kinds of assessments show student achievement in those key areas. Finally, teachers create meaningful, interactive lessons that are topically relevant and academically sound so that students engage with learning material eagerly.

  6. Teachers and Staff with Community Mindedness. Although many of the staff and teachers are international, all strive to remain sensitive to Indonesian cultural norms of interaction both in and out of the classroom. This also carries over into their interactions within the greater community.

  7. Teachers and Staff as Lifelong Learners. Teachers and staff receive ongoing training in the most up-to-date teaching methodologies as part of the School’s commitment to professional development. Teachers and staff are encouraged to explore these delivery techniques in classroom settings to test their veracity and viability. Therefore, teachers and staff “practice what they preach” in terms of their own professional commitment to excellence.