Admission Procedure - Santa Laurensia

Admission Procedure

We welcome your interest in Santa Laurensia School, a school with international standards which offers an excellent education and a reliable character building from Nursery to High School.

The primary mission of Santa Laurensia is to educate national and international students with holistic education, which means balance in body, mind and soul.  Students are expected to develop both in academic and personality.

It is in our practice to ensure that students from Nursery, Kindergarten and Elementary school, are placed in classes along with their age-peers. Please note the age cut-off date for determining class placement is October 1st- September 30th. If the candidate has fulfilled the age limitation, the candidate can start the school enrolment process.

The following checklist needs to be completed for the registration to our school:

  1. Pay the entrance fee at the Admission Office, Columbus Building.

  2. Complete the application form and an official parent-school agreement letter in the packet and returned them to the Admission office with:

  • Two recent photos size 4 x6

  • A photocopy of applicant’s birth certificate

  • A photocopy of applicant’s family card

  • A photocopy of applicant’s baptism certificate (Only for Catholics)

  • One legal stamp (Materai) Rp. 6.000

  • A photocopy of report cards for the previous three years of school work (mainly for Junior and Senior High School)

Scheduled the date for the written test/observation and interview

Arranged an appointment for interview IF NECESSARY