Health Center

Santa Laurensia School considers much on health to be an integrated part of education. For this purpose, we provide a Health Center to deliver health services and to support health education.

Santa Laurensia Health Center is well-handled by a professional doctor and nurse. It is fully equipped with an examination room and separate recuperation rooms for male & female.

Our medical team monitor students health on a regular basis, providing eye and teeth check up, as well as daily health maintenance. The team also offers seminars to concern addicts, first aid training as well as anti smoking/drug campaign. The Health Center has joint activities with various organizations, such as a blood donor program with the Indonesian Red Cross, an anti-drug program with Anti Narcotics Board, and vaccination program.

Activities of Santa Laurensia Health Center:

  1. Routine health and dental check up for Preschool – Senior High/Vocational School.
  2. Urinalysis (Narcotic and psychotropic drugs) executed randomly and periodically for Junior High, Senior High and Vocational School.